The following are our beautiful English girls.  Each is very
special to us and very true to English type.
Tanglewood Females
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Tanglewood Tomorrow Is Another Day CCA

Breeder/Owner - Joanne Cava
Sire:  Crarae Tanglewood EZ4U2NV
Dam:  CH Jewel of Bridge Four CCA
DOB:  June 14, 2013
Hips - BVA 2:2  Excellent
Elbows - BVA 0:0  Normal
Eyes - OFA GR-EYE3693/29F-VPI
Heart - GR-CA26674/20F/C-VPI
PRA 1-2 =  Clear by Parentage
Icthyosis - carrier #542477

Scarlett is the product of Jewel's first litter. She is well boned, with
proper angles front and rear, jet black year-round pigment and the
most gentle of personalities. She carries a proper thick English-
type cream colored coat. Scarlett will go to Canada to get her show
CH with our handlers:  John and Joanne Griffith.
D & D Tanglewood Evening Muse  

DOB:  8/14/2013
Breeder:  D & D Goldens
Owner :  Joanne Cava
Sire:  Crarae Tanglewood EZ4U2NV
Dam:  Thevenet Memories de America
Hip clearance:  BVA  3:5
Elbow clearance:  BVA  0:0
Heart Clearance:  GR-CA26683/19F/C-VPI-ECHO
Eye Clearance : GR-EYE9183/27F-VPI
PRA 1 and PRA 2 cleared :  by parentage
Icthyosis:  carrier - Animal Genetics # 549469

Kiera is one of our upcoming Tanglewood stars!  A beautiful blend
of Spanish and US-bred English lines - Kiera is a lovely cream
colored girl with jet black pigment and correct angles front and
rear.  She has perfect foot timing and carries a dense correct coat.
She is one of our sweetest girls we have high hopes for her in the
Xanthos Xpialidocious‎ CCA

Import from the UK
DOB:  July 2, 2013
Sire:  English Sh CH Shardanell Castaspell JW  -Outstanding Sire
Dam:  Xanthos Givenchy JW
Eye Clearance: GR-EYE3694/29F-VPI
Hip Clearance:  BVA  3:3
Elbow Clearance:  BVA 0:0
Heart Clearance:  GR-CA26675/20F/C-VPI
Thyroid Clearance:  MSU normal
PRA1 and 2 cleared by parentage
Ickthyosis clearance:  Clear - PawPrint Genetics

We are honored to have Poppins join us from wonderful breeder
Heather Morss of Xanthos Kennels in the UK. Her sire is an
outstanding sire producing many show and field champions
overseas. Her dam is making her mark not only in the show ring
but also producing some amazing offspring. Poppins has an
outgoing personality - she loves life to the fullest and is an avid
retriever. She is a moderate girl who carries a lovely cream coat.
Can Ch Cedar's Apples to Apples to Tanglewood  
K9Data: 671312
DOB:  April 19, 2015
Hips:    OFA Excellent  GR-1109053E24F/PI
Elbows:  OFA Normal  GR-EL38845F24-PI
Heart:  OFA GR-CA31852/24F/P-PI
Eyes:  OFA  EYE9181-19FF/P-PI
Ickthyosis:  Animal Genetics #121509 - Clear
PRA1 and 2 - Animal Genetics #121509 = Clear

Thank you so very much Tom and Mary Schulz for our wonderful
Gala!  Finishing in just a few weekends in Canada with her
exceptional handler Hailey Griffith, Gala has several Selects under
her belt in limited showing.  She is a compact, typy English blend
with a stunning head piece, cat like feet and beautiful angles.  She
has effortless side gait movement and a rock solid top line.
Tanglewood Key To My Heart

DOB:  2/12/2015  
Sire:  CH Xanthos Mondriaan SGVC  CCA
Dam:  Stoneledge Tanglewood Achy Breaky Heart
Breeder/Owner:  Joanne Cava
Hips:  BVA  3:4
Elbows:  BVA  0:0
Eye clearance:  GR-EYE9193/34F-NOPI (12/17)
Heart:  OFA  GR-CA30714/12F/P-PI
PRA 1 and 2:  Clear Animal Genetics #542477
Ickthyosis:  Clear Animal Genetics #542477

Nora is a daughter of our stunning Dutch. She is a larger girl with
lovely angles front and rear. She carries a shorter coat is a bit
longer in body. She has the sweetest most loving personality
Takes so much after her dam and sire who both have fantastic
temperaments. She has never met a stranger.
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Tanglewood My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

K9data:  703340
Sire:  Ch Hamlet of the Morning Valley
Dam:  Glenbogle Tanglewood Silver Bells
Breeder:  Debbie Covic
Hips:  BVA 3:7
Elbows: BVA 0:0
Eye Clearance:  GR-EYE91994/30F-NOPI  (12/17)
Heart:  OFA GR-CA31173/15F/P-VPI
PRA 1 and 2 :  Clear by parentage
Ickthyosis:  Carrier Paw Print #5006

Bonnie is a very compact, short backed girl with tons of bone and a
soft wave to her coat. Cat-like feet and beautiful feathering on her
legs. She is light gold in color and has the most loving personality.
She is always looking at us for direction and just loves children.
Her sire is an import from Morning Valley Kennels in the