My passion for the Golden Retriever breed began with the
very timely purchase of my first female Golden from Ursula
Lanino, of Oakhill Goldens, in 1977. Ursula introduced me
to the world of showing Goldens and to this wonderful and
versatile breed.  

Since that time, I have developed a breeding philosophy of
top quality, not quantity. At Tanglewood, we strive to
produce highly intelligent, structurally sound, healthy,
loving puppies suited for multi-purpose households.
Whatever your area of interest may be, from the show ring
to the family home, our puppies adapt very easily. We take
pride in our dogs and are especially delighted that several
pups from our most recent litters now actively compete in
the show ring, and some are completing Delta Society
requirements, aiding in therapy work and search and

Our entire family participates in the raising and caring for
our puppies, which is reflected in the outcome of stable,
well-socialized, and happy Golden companions. Our
puppies love to work, are quick learners, and are always
eager to please.

We hope you enjoy visiting the site. We have attempted to
make it very informative, but I encourage you to feel free
to contact me for more information in regard to our
puppies, our dogs, or the Golden Retriever breed in

Joanne Cava
Tanglewood Goldens
Est. 1977

Member of:
Golden Retriever Club of America
Golden Retriever Club of England
Sandlapper Golden Retriever Club
AKC Inspected and Approved: 2017
Joanne Cava with
Tanglewood Pups
See what some of
our Tanglewood
Goldens are doing
out in the"real
Our pups get lots of social
time while growing up.
Bethany Cava with pup.
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