American Kennel Club, information on purebred dogs
Golden Retriever Breed Counsel of England
Golden Retriever Club of America

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For information on Therapy Dogs and their requirements
If you are looking for an EXCELLENT dog trainer in the Charlotte area we highly
recommend Keen Dog Training!  Katrina and Phil are wonderful with Goldens and will
work with you and your new puppy in your home and in group classes. They do take dogs
for extended time frames in their home facility.  Please see the attached video of one of our
Malcolm pups they trained this past spring 2016.

WATCH: Adorable video of one of our Malcolm pups trained by Keen


Click here to use my Nature's Farmacy link for great pet supples

A good reference for those who are interested in feeding raw or more

Holistic Guide For A Healthy Dog - second edition
Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown DVM
ISBN - 1-58245-153-2

Substance Abuse:
Caring for a pet can help in the prevention of substance abuse in teenagers.
Read more here.
Did you know that smoking cigarettes, vaporizers, and electronic cigarettes
near your pets is
dangerous for their health? Learn more here.
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