The English-Type Golden Retriever

The English-type Golden Retriever has a lovely strong
head, a typically wide back-skull and thick muzzle, with a
deep stop, well angulated shoulders and rears.

English Goldens have beautiful jet-black pigment and dark eyes.
Coat color can range from cream to medium gold. A wave in the
topcoat is not uncommon. Most importantly, they possess a very
laid-back and gentle temperament.  

The dogs we own and breed are primarily from British and
European lines. We occasionally cross our pedigrees with
American lines. During our frequent travels to Europe, it has always
been a pleasure to see beautiful Goldens in restaurants, in stores,
even under café tables while their owners enjoy their company
about town.  

To the right are two pictures of an excellent breed rep male English
Golden Retriever.

Please take a moment to read the following article
"What Exactly is an English Golden Retriever?"
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WHITE Golden Retrievers!!  
Hope that got your attention...

1)       Nowhere in the standard in the UK, Europe or the US is the
color WHITE considered normal for a Golden Retriever, nor is a
Golden Retriever of this color anymore rare or ‘valuable’ than  
Goldens that are darker gold in color.

2)       In recent years there have been some marketing strategies
(especially on the Internet) that have given prospective puppy buyers
the incorrect impression that the very light cream color is the
distinguishing factor for a Golden Retriever of British style. Thus
only “white or cream colored” Goldens = UK or European style.  
Again, this is totally incorrect, as the UK and European standard
allows for every shade of cream, light gold to dark gold. The cream
Golden Retrievers are furthermore not any healthier, nor do they live
any longer than golden retrievers that have color.

3)       At Tanglewood we have bred very light UK/European style
Golden Retrievers since 1981. (We started in Goldens in 1978) We
have, however, never bred for color – but rather we endeavored to
keep longevity, health, correct structure and biddable temperaments
in mind right from the very beginning. We have had pups that have
lived up to 17-18 years – though not the norm but it has been our
desire to see Goldens live into their teens.  Consequently that set
the standard very high for us as breeders – and this bar has nothing
to with the color of the dogs. Our current longevity rate is closer to 13
– 14 years.

4)       Although we are mostly known for our very light Golden
Retrievers, as it is a color preference for us – you will notice we
have all shades of Goldens on our website and we breed every
color (with the exception of the very dark golden)

5)        Most importantly; we never base any breeding decision on
color. (see point #3) Our very light Golden Retrievers are NOT more
valuable than our richer golden ones. It is our many years of
experience and our carefully developed Tanglewood line that
ensures the health and longevity of our golden Retrievers, NOT their

6)       So DON”T BE FOOLED into thinking a cream colored golden
is more valuable or you should pay more for them.  You will see
many Internet fanciers charging exorbitant prices just because the
pup is light or cream.  There are now thousands of cream colored
Goldens in America so they are not rare at all.

Click here to see what the GRC of Canada has to say on this
Remington Ringmaster
Sire: Ritzilyn Brandon
Dam: Remington Remember Me

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