7-Week Old Girl
Information About Tanglewood Breeding and Puppies

At Tanglewood Goldens we plan 3 selective breedings per year using only OFA or BVA (hips and elbows),
eye, and heart clear parents. We actively pursue conformation points towards a show championship prior to
breeding. Each breeding prospect must be a quality representative of the Golden Retriever breed – especially
possessing a true Golden temperament – confident, outgoing, gentle and responsive.  

1)  Our puppies are sold on a reservation basis only to approved homes.

2)  A personal interview in person or by phone (with references) is required before a reservation will be

3)  Puppies are raised in our home from birth until they leave for their new homes at 8-weeks of age. Each
pup is highly socialized with children, cats, horses, household noises and lots and lots of love.

4)  Each puppy is examined at 7 weeks by our veterinarian, given it’s first inoculation and a health certificate is
issued. Our pups are de-wormed at 2,4, 6, and 8 weeks.

5)  Our pet/companion puppies are sold on AKC  “limited registration” basis only and a 2-year warranty
covering health.

6)  We highly suggest a limited vaccination schedule (click on this link:
net/emberweims/Vaccine.html), weight limits and provide each family with a comprehensive “How to Care for
Your New Puppy” packet

7)  We begin litter box training at 3 weeks to help initiate housebreaking and starting at 6 weeks pups are
exposed to crates.

8)  Each pup goes home with our puppy packet that includes:
a)  training tips
b)  copies of all pertinent health clearances for sire and dam
c)  pictures
d)  certified pedigree
e)  feeding recommendations
f)   AKC registration papers

9)  Each pup is professionally temperament tested at 7.5 weeks using this well known Temperament Test:  
Click on this link for more info:  
www.volhard.com.     Click here for information on our selection process.

10)  We pride ourselves on our after sale support and are always available to offer assistance by email,
telephone, or in person for the life of your dog.

11)  In every litter, Tanglewood Goldens reserves the right/option to pick a pup for ourselves. Most of our litters
are bred with the intent to keep a show/working prospect. After our selection, show/working pups are
determined, then family companions. We also reserve the right to offer a full refund on any funds exchanged if
we decide placement of a pup within a specific family situation is not in the best interests of the pup or the
family. All deposits are fully refundable.

For detailed information on our Puppy Selection Process, click here. (PDF Document)

I highly recommend the following books and articles to parents with children who are considering adding
a dog to their family:
"Please, Oh Please, Can We Get A Dog?" : Parents Guide to Dog Ownership
by Cheryl Peterson   ISBN: 0-7645-7297-0

Children and Puppies Part 1

Children and Puppies Part 2

Other excellent books on raising puppies correctly and dog behavior include:
Super Puppy Vollmer/Mykelbust
Dog Training for Dummies - Volhard/Volhard
How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With - Rutherford/Neil
What Every Good Dog Should Know - Volhard
Mother Knows Best - Carol Benjamin
Golden Retrievers for Dummies

Please click the link below for several excellent articles on housebreaking and training your new puppy. All
articles are written by Connie Cleveland from Fountain Inn, SC, (used with permission).
7-Week Old Boy
7-Week Old Girl
7-Week Old Boy
7-Week Old Girl
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As a long time breeder of Golden Retrievers I would like to pass on some very helpful information about this
wonderful breed of dog.

Many people ask me what is the difference between and English Golden and an American Golden -– and I
can honestly say that despite the small differences –- namely that the lighter creamier color in some
UK/Euro Goldens is more acceptable in the show ring than it is here in the US = a Golden is a Golden is a
Golden. We appreciate and love both types or styles of Golden Retriever. At this time we are concentrating on
the UK/Euro type.

There are minor differences in the standards from the UK and the US. Click here
to read the UK standard.
Click here to read the US standard.

We strongly suggest you click on this important article written by my good friend and former President of the
GRCA, Bev Brown, that highlights some of the
history of the “English type Golden here in the US”.

What health checks do we perform?

All of our dogs are screened for hips, elbows, hearts, and yearly eye exams (www.offa.org/index.html). We
sometimes us the UK scheme for hips and elbows called BVA (

We are now including testing for PRA-1 and ichthyosis. Click on this site to better understand these new
DNA testing schemes from Opitgen (

Currently all our breeding stock is clear for PRA-1. And we have mostly carriers and a few clear of Ickthyosis.

There is a lot of misinformation about ickthysosis and it is nothing to be afraid of. Most goldens affected with
ichythosis develop white scales like dandruff on the skin starting at about 4 weeks of age and as they get
older it may turn gray in color and cause dry flaky skin. It is present in both UK/Euro and American pedigrees
so it is not something that can be eliminated very quickly. My guess is that we have been breeding carriers to
carriers for years now and honestly I have not to date produced any pups with affected Ickthyosis that I am
aware of. There are many factors that will influence whether a pup will carry the disease or not. Some
affected dogs will show symptoms of flakes where others affected have no flakes at all. Another golden
breeder- friend has a very informative page on this -
click here.. Having owned an affected ick dog, we found
that a diet high in Omega 3’s and fish oil have all but eliminated flakes in her coat. We recommend this dog
food if your dog is affected: Arcana Pacifica.

As a conscientious breeder, my goal is to produce only the best pups that are free from any hereditary
issues. Ickthyosis- though a mild problem in the breed,  is low on my scale since I believe there are other
more pressing concerns – eliminating hip and elbow dysplasia, heart and eye disease and of course our
main concern for longevity (ie: cancer) and keeping the true golden retriever temperament that is the
hallmark of our breed.  

CANCER:  There are too many English Golden websites which report that the English Golden has less
incidence of cancer than an American Golden. There are 2 studies which we will highlight here:  
a) the American study:  http://
b) the European study:  http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/download/1563/hsgoldenretriever.pdf
c) The GRCA has this excellent article on cancer: Cancer in Goldens
and... Understanding Cancer in Golden Retrievers  

There are many factors which influence cancer in any breed of dog- environmental concerns, genetics,
pedigree, nutritional issues, etc., to name a few.  More study is needed to determine incidences of cancer in
the golden.   Reading these articles and studies will help you better understand your cancer risk in owning a
golden retriever.
Click here to see if you are ready!
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