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Kiera and Jaxx

Kiera was just bred to the very handsome Jaxx! [Click here for litter pedigree.]

Jaxx is our newest import from well respected Salandatterra Goldens. He is
cream in color with an outstanding classic English style head. Jaxx posses tons
of bone with correct shoulder angles and strong rear. He carries himself with
effortless movement. He is an active boy with a very outgoing temperament.

Kiera is one of our therapy girls = sweet and easy but independent in nature. She
is also very correct in her structure = moderate bone and carries a shorter cream
colored coat.

Pups from this combo will be mostly cream in color and with be born mid May to
go to homes approximately mid July.

We have several reservations available for family and therapy homes. Some
are already reserved for service work.
Poppins and Dutch

Poppins will be bred to Dutch on March 18th- 20th.  [Click here for litter pedigree]

This is a repeat breeding. First time around we had healthy, super trainable pups
with outstanding temperaments. Several are currently in full time work as service
dogs. These will be mostly cream in color. Dutch is the most unflappable dog we
have ever owned = nothing phases him in any situation. He loves the water and is
a fabulous retriever.  

Poppins is queen of the house and loves to retrieve and carry toys. She can also
be a bit independent in nature.  

Pups from this combo will be born the 3rd week of May go to homes
approximately 3rd week of July.

We have a few reservations available for family and therapy homes.  Some are
already reserved for service work.
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